Thursday, August 23, 2012

Great Charts from Average Joe Restoration

Something keeping me from finishing the cowl project is the condition of the wiring and vacuum hoses underneath the dash. This issue needs to be addressed before I finally do any welding. The problem was that I simply did not know how how to connect several vacuum hoses into their respective motors. When I removed the old cowl and took a good look inside, I soon realized why several accessories (like my Factory, "Integral" A/C and others) never worked right. I even found a wire terminal (from who knows where yet) connected to a loose vacuum hose! Now how did that ever happen? Well I finally found the detailed diagrams I needed to do this job and they are all here in Average Joe Restoration:

I tried re-connecting a couple of  loose hoses here and there but they were all dried out and cracked open as soon as I attempted connecting them to the vacuum motors. So next thing tomorrow will be a stop at my local Auto Parts store to buy about 12 feet of vacuum hose and a couple of T's, and the rest should be an easy replacement job.

Here is a view of the Reheat Door Motor and the Water valve vacuum switch (small hidden outlet, center-right), both of which were disconnected from their respective hoses:


  1. Thanks for the link and diagrams Ivan. I'll have to go through all this when I put my dash back together with factory AC. Excellent!

  2. This was a major find for me Dennis. I thought I was going to have to send it to an A/C shop. I'm saving a LOT of money by doing it myself now.